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Forgotten Front: Cuinchy Brickstacks

We return to the ‘Forgotten Front’ in Northern France where the British operations on the Western Front took place in 1915, and there were long periods of static trench warfare. Here we visit the site of the Cuinchy ‘Brickstacks’ – huge stacks of undelivered… Continue Reading “Forgotten Front: Cuinchy Brickstacks”

Unquiet Truce: The Men Who Died on Christmas Day 1914

In this episode of the podcast we look at the British and Commonwealth servicemen who died on Christmas Day in 1914 – a day we more commonly associate with a Christmas Truce between the British and Germans. Who died and where, and how many?… Continue Reading “Unquiet Truce: The Men Who Died on Christmas Day 1914”

Forgotten Battlefields: The Boar’s Head 1916

This week we take our first walk across one of the ‘Forgotten Battlefields’ of the Great War, the Boar’s Head close to the village of Richebourg in Northern France. Here we discover the story of the Southdown’s Battalions, or Lowther’s Lambs, and uncover what… Continue Reading “Forgotten Battlefields: The Boar’s Head 1916”