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Adjutant’s Notebook: What Is A Division?

In a new Podcast Series we use the Adjutant’s Notebook to look at different aspects of First World War history. In this episode we examine the cornerstone of the British Army in the Great War – the Division. These self-contained units of nearly 20,000… Continue Reading “Adjutant’s Notebook: What Is A Division?”

Above The Battlefield: WW1 Aerial Photography

During the Great War pilots took their aircraft above the battlefield not only to bomb and strafe, but to photograph the trenches of the Western Front. What do these images show us and how do they relate to the landscape we know today? RECOMMENDED… Continue Reading “Above The Battlefield: WW1 Aerial Photography”

Walking Ypres: Brandhoek

Just astride the road between Poperinghe and Ypres, the hamlet of Brandhoek was a main site for the treatment of wounded soldiers. Here women serving as Army nurses got close to the realities of war, and the war cemeteries here today remind us that… Continue Reading “Walking Ypres: Brandhoek”

100th Episode: Across The Old Front Line

To commemorate one hundred episodes of the podcast we take a journey along the Western Front visiting four locations from Flanders to the Somme to Verdun to the Vosges. What does the landscape of the Great War mean to us? The Old Front Line… Continue Reading “100th Episode: Across The Old Front Line”

Tommy Tucker: Food in WW1

What did the British Tommy in the trenches of the Western Front eat? How was it supplied, how good was his food, how did it reach him, and having had a meal, how did he go to the toilet? RECOMMENDED READING: Transporting Rations Water… Continue Reading “Tommy Tucker: Food in WW1”