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Forty Years on the Old Front Line

This episode marks forty years since I first visited the battlefields of the Great War. We look back over those four decades and discuss what those first trips meant to me, what it was like to live on the battlefields, my work as a… Continue Reading “Forty Years on the Old Front Line”

Behind The Lines at Ypres

In this episode, we go behind the lines in Flanders and look at the key locations that enabled the British and Commonwealth forces to keep millions of men on the front line near Ypres during the Great War. BATTLEFIELD MAP RECOMMENDED READING:

Ypres In A Day

In this episode, the first in a series of Battlefields in a Day, we explore one of the iconic British and Commonwealth battlefields of the Great War: Ypres, in Flanders. On our tour we take in some well known and famous locations, and travel… Continue Reading “Ypres In A Day”

Walking Ypres: Brandhoek

Just astride the road between Poperinghe and Ypres, the hamlet of Brandhoek was a main site for the treatment of wounded soldiers. Here women serving as Army nurses got close to the realities of war, and the war cemeteries here today remind us that… Continue Reading “Walking Ypres: Brandhoek”

Unquiet Truce: The Men Who Died on Christmas Day 1914

In this episode of the podcast we look at the British and Commonwealth servicemen who died on Christmas Day in 1914 – a day we more commonly associate with a Christmas Truce between the British and Germans. Who died and where, and how many?… Continue Reading “Unquiet Truce: The Men Who Died on Christmas Day 1914”