Old Front Line

The Old Front Line

The Old Front Line is a new WW1 podcast

with Military Historian Paul Reed.

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Trench Chat: Great War Huts

We’re joined by Military Historian Taff Gillingham this week to talk about his amazing Great War Huts project taking place in Suffolk. We learn about how he and his team have saved many of these original WW1 huts and will open them to the…

Somme: The Colonel’s Field

What is the story behind a place known as ‘The Colonel’s Field’ near to the Somme village of Flers? In this episode, we link Picardy with Yorkshire and follow the story of an English Earl and a Battalion of Yeoman who marched to the…

The Silent Cities

Rudyard Kipling called the cemeteries of the Great War ‘Silent Cities’, these vast cities of stone where the dead of that conflict lay. What is the background and history of these cemeteries, what happened to them in WW2, and what is their meaning to…