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As many of you have asked for this, here is a complete list of all the podcast episodes with the link to their page on this website.

Tommy Tucker: Food in WW1

What did the British Tommy in the trenches of the Western Front eat? How was it supplied, how good was his food, how did it reach him, and having had a meal, how did he go to the toilet? RECOMMENDED READING: Transporting Rations Water on the Battlefield WW1 Toilets

Forgotten Front: Cuinchy Brickstacks

We return to the ‘Forgotten Front’ in Northern France where the British operations on the Western Front took place in 1915, and there were long periods of static trench warfare. Here we visit the site of the Cuinchy ‘Brickstacks’ – huge stacks of undelivered bricks that formed towers on the battlefield here. Link to the…

Poets on the Somme

In this episode, we follow Great War poets Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon into the trenches near Fricourt at the ‘Bois Français’ during the months before the 1916 battle and learn about how the death of a much-beloved comrade affected them both. RECOMMENDED READING: Podcast Extras:

Unquiet Truce: The Men Who Died on Christmas Day 1914

In this episode of the podcast we look at the British and Commonwealth servicemen who died on Christmas Day in 1914 – a day we more commonly associate with a Christmas Truce between the British and Germans. Who died and where, and how many? RECOMMENDED READING: For a good overview of the small actions in…


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