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As many of you have asked for this, here is a complete list of all the podcast episodes with the link to their page on this website.

Villers-Bretonneux 1918

In this episode, we look at the fighting around Villers-Bretonneux on the Somme in April 1918, seeing where Australian and British soldiers stopped the German advance on the key city of Amiens. We visit the cemeteries and memorials, and see where Tanks fought Tanks for the first time in history. BATTLEFIELD MAP: RECOMMENDED READING: Podcast…

Forty Years on the Old Front Line

This episode marks forty years since I first visited the battlefields of the Great War. We look back over those four decades and discuss what those first trips meant to me, what it was like to live on the battlefields, my work as a Battlefield Guide and examine some of my favourite locations that I’ve…

Behind The Lines at Ypres

In this episode, we go behind the lines in Flanders and look at the key locations that enabled the British and Commonwealth forces to keep millions of men on the front line near Ypres during the Great War. BATTLEFIELD MAP RECOMMENDED READING:

Great War Objects

In this episode of the podcast we look at several objects connected to the First World and ask what they tell us about the wider history of the period and those who fought and died. RECOMMENDED READING: Podcast Extras:


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