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Forgotten Battlefields: The Indian Corps at Neuve-Chapelle

Alongside a busy road in Northern France, the Star of India rises from between two weeping willows, commemorating the thousands of Indian Army soldiers who died in the trenches of the Western Front. What took place at Neuve-Chapelle and what was India’s story in… Continue Reading “Forgotten Battlefields: The Indian Corps at Neuve-Chapelle”

Trench Chat: Old Contemptibles with Andrew Thornton

In the latest Trench Chat we talk to historian and battlefield guide Andrew Thornton about his research on the men of the British Expeditionary Force in 1914, the ‘Old Contemptibles’. Who were they, and what is the history behind the Old Contemptibles Association. We… Continue Reading “Trench Chat: Old Contemptibles with Andrew Thornton”

Walking Ypres: Langemarck

We return to Flanders and walk the battlefields near the village of Langemarck (now Langemark) across to Langemarck German Cemetery, the story of which runs like a dark thread through the history of the Twentieth Century, uncovering many of the myths about this iconic… Continue Reading “Walking Ypres: Langemarck”

Remembrance: Unknown Warriors

Today is Armistice Day; a century ago in 1920, the body of the Unknown Warrior was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey. What lays behind this story, how was he selected, and what of the Unknown Warriors in our own connections to the Great… Continue Reading “Remembrance: Unknown Warriors”

Britain’s Forgotten Black Army In WW1

As part of Black History Month, we look at the often forgotten story of the Black African-Caribbean men who joined the British Army during the Great War or who served in the ranks of the British West Indies Regiment on the Western Front.  Below… Continue Reading “Britain’s Forgotten Black Army In WW1”

Trench Chat: Great War Huts

We’re joined by Military Historian Taff Gillingham this week to talk about his amazing Great War Huts project taking place in Suffolk. We learn about how he and his team have saved many of these original WW1 huts and will open them to the… Continue Reading “Trench Chat: Great War Huts”

The Silent Cities

Rudyard Kipling called the cemeteries of the Great War ‘Silent Cities’, these vast cities of stone where the dead of that conflict lay. What is the background and history of these cemeteries, what happened to them in WW2, and what is their meaning to… Continue Reading “The Silent Cities”

Trench Chat: The Missing with John Broom

In this latest Trench Chat we talk to historian and author John Broom about his new book Reported Missing in the Great War which will be published by Pen & Sword Books in October 2020. John tells us about his research, some of the… Continue Reading “Trench Chat: The Missing with John Broom”

Somme: Pozières to Martinpuich

In this episode we walk the fields that link together an English composer, a Canadian who was one of three from the same street to be awarded the Victoria Cross, a black cat that went into battle in one of the first Tanks and… Continue Reading “Somme: Pozières to Martinpuich”

Ypres: Croonaert Wood

On the slopes of the Messines Ridge, Croonaert Wood (or Bayernwald as the Germans called it) was one of the places connected to Adolf Hitler’s story in the Great War. We uncover his connection to the fighting here in 1914, look at the role… Continue Reading “Ypres: Croonaert Wood”