Unquiet Truce: The Men Who Died on Christmas Day 1914

In this episode of the podcast we look at the British and Commonwealth servicemen who died on Christmas Day in 1914 – a day we more commonly associate with a Christmas Truce between the British and Germans. Who died and where, and how many?


For a good overview of the small actions in December 1914 visit Chris Baker’s Long Long Trail website.

30 Comments on “Unquiet Truce: The Men Who Died on Christmas Day 1914

  1. Another tremendous episode to end 2021 – thanks Paul for a year of wonderful Great War content! Following Old Front Line in Colorado, USA

    Merry Christmas & best regards, Kurt Skinner

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  2. Paul,

    Many thanks for this great podcast. It means a lot, as a member of my family, George Henry Sutton, 1st Leicesters, was killed on Xmas day 1914, killed by a German sniper near Bois Grenier.


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  3. Paul, excellent podcast again. I listened sitting in a camper van in the rain at Instow, North Devon. It seemed right to listen to it on Christmas Day.
    Looking forward to next year when hopefully I can visit the Western Front.

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  4. Merry Christmas a great episode and great to bring up the MN who’s involvement often gets overlooked…..All the best for 2022!

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  5. Thanks for a great podcast. Very intriguing, I had four relatives from Australia that served in France Belgium and Gallipoli. Currently listening to you from Casey Station in East Antarctica. Best regards and appreciate your work.

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  6. Happy New Year, from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada! My favourite Podcast! Thank you for all of your work! Please do a Podcast on the Princess Mary boxes. Or, if you have done a Podcast, please direct me to it.

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  7. Happy New Year Paul, it is great to hear that the podcast is listened to internationally…I listen , Sunday mornings, 06.30 with a pot of tea and accompanied by Doug, the cat in Hertfordshire.
    Is the social evening talk available to listen online?

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    • Thanks, David. Unfortunately I can’t record the social evenings due to a permissions issue as so many people are present. Hope you and Doug continue to enjoy the podcast!


  8. Thanks for another excellent podcast. And a happy new year from not so sunny Southport, Lancashire. You may recall that in 1920 the people of Southport adopted Festubert (mentioned in this podcast) and raised money to rebuild the village sports hall.

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