Trench Chat: Matt Dixon

In a special Trench Chat, we are joined by Matt Dixon, host of the Footsteps of the Fallen Podcast. We talk about Matt’s interest in the Great War, what led him to produce the podcast and the books he is currently working on.


Footsteps of the Fallen Podcast

Footsteps of the Fallen website

8 Comments on “Trench Chat: Matt Dixon

  1. Did try to follow Matt Dixon’s podcasts but his presentation drove me mad. I was pleased how much better he sounded with you on this one as he is obviously well informed. Interesting content and I guess your editing is well developed!


  2. Just a case of you can’t please all the people all the time!
    Do agree his contribution with you was excellent. Shall keep an eye on his podcast

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  3. A very interesting trench chat and I must listen to Matt’s podcasts as I haven’t done so far. Also I look forward to his book on Festubert as the forgotten battles of 1915 have long fascinated me and remain one of my favourite Leger tours in 2005. It’s also good to acknowledge the French contribution, something that is often overlooked by the Brits! I also agree that much of the recent TV histories of the War have been dumbed down for a younger audience. The coverage of the anniversary of Jutland by the BBC in 2016 was poor, although to give credit where it is due, Peter Barton’s 3 part series on the Somme in the same year was excellent. Sadly though that was an exception and not the norm.

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