Poets on the Somme

In this episode, we follow Great War poets Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon into the trenches near Fricourt at the ‘Bois Français’ during the months before the 1916 battle and learn about how the death of a much-beloved comrade affected them both.


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12 Comments on “Poets on the Somme

  1. I listened to your podcadts in the hot tub of my Portuguese holiday home over Christmas. Might be a good idea to have a link to buy you a cup of coffee etc with each podcast. Excellent and informative podcasts Paul

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  2. greatly enjoyed this walk with the virtual knapsack full of war poetry Paul. Had Graves lived long enough to know of your work, I think he would respect the sincerity with which you honor the service and sacrifice of individual soldiers while not glorifying the violence of war–and he would recognize a fellow craftsman in the art of story telling


  3. Another excellent podcast Paul. Whilst i have read your Somme book which i had for Christmas, and the books of Robert Graves and Sassoon’s books the podcast definitely adds to the experience. I did that walk four years ago on my last visit to La Boisselle and intend to do it again when i return in June. I would very much like to listen to this with my wife as we make the walk, is there a way to save the podcast onto a device such as my ipad to enable this?

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    • Thanks Kevin. I think you can download them for offline use on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You could try it and switch off your wifi connection on the iPad and see if it works?


      • Thanks Paul, got it sussed now. You need to save the podcast as a playlist. Then you can access them without wifi. I was looking to save the podcast to my hard drive and that did not work.
        Thanks, looking forward to doing this walk again accompanied by your podcast in June.

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  4. A great podcast made all the more enjoyable by having your Walking the Somme book to hand. It was also a great reminder of our last Leger battlefield trip in November 2019, Oh what a literary war trip with Vic.

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  5. Paul I did this walk 5 years ago from an earlier print of your book. Yesterday I returned with my wife book and phone in hand, and earphones in place.
    We walked the trail listening to the podcast as we progressed. When we got to Point 110 cemetery and stood by the 3 graves we listened to your beautiful commentary and I must say it was so moving we had to fight back the tears. Thank you. I must further say before we left home I made a point of going to see the film Benediction which added to my understanding of this complex man.


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