Ypres In A Day

In this episode, the first in a series of Battlefields in a Day, we explore one of the iconic British and Commonwealth battlefields of the Great War: Ypres, in Flanders. On our tour we take in some well known and famous locations, and travel off the beaten track, too.






21 Comments on “Ypres In A Day

  1. Paul – thanks once more for yet another great podcast; I hope this will inspire people to take an interest in visiting the battlefields and learn more about the subject. Your commentaries are always enlightening, and you manage to convey your own interest & enthusiasm very well without overpowering a novice with too many details. Here’s hoping we meet up again soon. All the best for now, Phil Andrews.

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  2. Thanks Paul.
    Takes me back to my early days of visiting Ypres and Flanders with my parents. Happy days that lead me to where I am today.

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  3. Your best highlight package yet! This is a rout that I have followed and recommend to anyone traveling to Ypres. Finish your day with a bite to eat in the great square in Ypres and attend the the 8pm playing of the last post at Menen Gate! A fabulous and full day on the Old Front Line! Thanks
    Burke Lush
    Peterborough, ON

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  4. Really helps lay out the geography of the region Paul. During my only visit to Ypres I visited many of the sites north and east of the city. When I return I’ll head south (and maybe west too to Bradenhoek and Poperinghe). Thanks for another superb podcast!

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  5. Hi Paul, i still cannot Buy You a Coffee. The website asks me to create an account and provide a website that i manage. It seems to want me to ask others to Buy Me A Coffee.

    Could you please help me figure out what I am missing ? I just want to make a contribution to you.

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  6. Thanks Paul for an excellent one day guide to the “Immortal Salient”. Also a great reading list. Is the Beatrix Brice book illustrated along the lines of the Battleground Europe series?

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  7. I really like this battlefield in a day style. Glad I seem to have covered it all.
    I am always disappointed there is no Ox & Bucks memorial at Nonne Bosschen

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  8. Paul, Thank you for an excellent tour. I am from “across the pond” and have visited the Old Front Line twice now. Each time I learn more, return to New Jersey, study up with more knowledge of the ground and plan the next visit. Listening to your talk, with having actually walked the line, is a very insightful experience. Heading back in 2023.

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