Walking Arras: Feuchy Chapel

Astride the Arras-Cambrai road a small wayside memorial commemorates a missing British officer. Out in the fields small Comrade’s Cemeteries act like beacons to the fighting here in April 1917. What took place on this ground around Arras, near to Feuchy Chapel?


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12 Comments on “Walking Arras: Feuchy Chapel

  1. Thanks for the excellent programs. They are helping me get thru the Midwest winter. Have you ever considered going to the two American cemeteries?

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  2. Excellent podcast, with a gripping account of the German battery firing over open sights. Good to hear that others like to hear your references to the gunners.

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  3. Another great podcast. I made a very brief stopover in Arras on the way home last week, and armed with this podcast and your Walking Arras book, was able to fit in some trips in the short time I was there. I visited Gourock Trench and Bunyans (which involved a very dusty drive up the track from the main road). I also took in the CWGC Experience (which I found very interesting) before stopping off at Beaurains Road and Cabaret Rouge cemeteries on the way out of Arras. I can see why you like the area so much. You can’t move without tripping over a WW1 site.

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  4. Hi Paul
    I really enjoy your podcasts,great work.Arras has so much to see and yet most people zoom by on their way to the somme a pity really,anyway having just returned from another trip and following a few of the walks in your brilliant ‘walking arras’ book,i wondered if you could shed any light on the memorial in the fields adjacent to the le set famous club near roclincourt.
    Thanks for any info and keep up the good work
    Steve Pawson


    • Hi Steve – do you mean the one on the bunker? It was put up by Souvenir Francais in the 1970s to commemorate the French in this sector 1914-16.


      • Hi Paul,
        Yes thats the one, I really should have walked over and had a look, but I’d had an early start 4:30am from the UK and was feeling a bit tired, but thanks for the info though.

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  5. Great podcast as usual. I have been to Wellington Quarry twice, but never explored the region properly.

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