100th Episode: Across The Old Front Line

To commemorate one hundred episodes of the podcast we take a journey along the Western Front visiting four locations from Flanders to the Somme to Verdun to the Vosges. What does the landscape of the Great War mean to us?

The Old Front Line YouTube Channel:

The Forgotten Battlefield – BBC Meet The Ancestors


We Are Making A New World Then & Now:

Podcast Extras:

17 Comments on “100th Episode: Across The Old Front Line

  1. From Melbourne Australia. Congratulations and thank you on your 100th podcast episode. I think I’ve listened to most.

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  2. Congratulation on your 100th podcast. I have enjoyed everyone. After listening to #100, I went back and watched Boesinghe: The Forgotten Battlefield again. As an archaeologist and visitor to several WWI battlefields in France, I found the video and your podcast very interesting. Keep up the great work!

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  3. Thanks Paul, I have listened to every one fascinated by them all. This one reminds me of a trip to Ypres in the early 2000’s when our hotel receptionist told us about the Yorkshire Trench. We arrived at the site and walked the trench, we were the only ones there but there were several cars parked. My son and I walked down the road past two new units, passed the site of an old well then on the left hand side there was some cleared ground with a few people walking on it with their heads down. We started to walk across the ground and i saw lots of shell fragments, helmet rims, spades, 000’s of bullets a real field of iron. I decided it was best left as it maybe unsafe. We have been there since and it is now a busy industrial unit, it is good the trench remains but should be preserved for the future.


  4. Thank you for another fascinating podcast. Many congratulations on your 100th episode, long may they continue. I have learnt so much. What stood out amongst these interesting accounts was your visit to Verdun. Is there any chance of a further podcast on this terrible battle? I do hope so. Thank you Paul for an unmissable podcast.

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  5. Congratulations Paul. Here’s to the next 100!
    I think the podcast has become like a star for many people to navigate by – we look forward to every Saturday morning. It’s certainly become a huge thing for me – when I first started listening I had only a passing interest in WW1, it’s certainly a lot more than that now!
    Very best wishes to you.

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  6. Congratulations on reaching your centenary and all the best for reaching your bicentenary, although I hope to have visited the old frontline with Leger before then!

    A real tour de force of a podcast and a great reminder of my visit with you to Yorkshire trench on the Walking Ypres tour in 2003. Thanks also for the links to the TV programmes and the reading list.

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  7. Hi Paul, I enjoy every episode, generally listening as I take a long walk each Saturday morning. When you spoke of the small area preserved in the middle of the industrial development near Ypres, I thought of this small park dedicated to the 39th Illinois Infantry in the middle of a housing development just south of Richmond, Virginia. On May 14-16, 1864, my Great-Great-Grandfather and his comrades made a stand in the pictured trench against an overwhelming Confederate attack. They were forced out, regrouped and took it back before being forced to retreat during which my GGGF was shot and wounded. The trench lay disturbed in the middle of a privately owned forest for 150 years before the family decided to sell the land for development. Local historians familiar with the history got involved, and the developer and county preserved the the trench and created a small park in the middle of a housing development. These battlefields connect us to the past in a special way. Keep up the great work, cheers! Andy Cook Fairfax, Virginia

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  8. Fantastic effort Paul and very much appreciated in this household. Your attention to detail and measured delivery make a most excellent podcast, thank you for all your efforts.


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