Henry Williamson’s War

In this episode we look at the writer Henry Williamson, best known for his nature writing and Tarka The Otter novel, but in the 1950s he began to publish ‘A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight’, some fifteen novels, five of which cover the Great War. We look at his life, his war, and his work as a writer, a forgotten author of the First World War.

The Henry Williamson Society website.


Henry Williamson in the BBC Great War Series:

Henry Williamson First Editions

24 Comments on “Henry Williamson’s War

  1. So glad you have given Henry the coverage his writings richly deserve. I still re-read the Chronicle today.

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  2. Hello. I’m new to your podcast and was drawn to it by your subject of Henry Williamson. I am a member of the Henry Williamson Society and have, some years ago, read many of his books, including the Chronicle. I enjoyed this episode veery much and thought you covered the subject well. I shall look through your previous episodes and choose some more. Thank you

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  3. Never heard of Henry Williamson , a very interesting and informative podcast will check out some of his books now , thank you & keep up the good work its very much appreciated .

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  4. Yet another delightful episode enriched by Great War literary content. I have long appreciated your “recommended reading” lists and will now endeavor to find the Williamson Great War novels.

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  5. I’ve just found and bought a copy of Love and the Loveless and looking forward to reading it . Thank you for all these wonderful podcasts your descriptions really do bring it all to life sometimes in frightening detail. All the best

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  6. Brilliant episode. It was so good that you addressed the BUF issue head on; it was as complex as the man himself. I am so in awe of ‘Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight’. It skilfully describes a now lost world but is contemporary in dealing superbly with his constant insecurities and his awareness of the impact of his often ‘scratchy’ behaviour. His relationship with his father (difficult) captures the experience of many adolescents and also those returning into civvy street. Thanks so much for another audio triumph!

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  7. Excellent podcast. I like how you bought your first book. With you it’s either a south coast junk shop or a car boot sale!
    Glad to see that he was “rehabilitated” in time for Great War Series in 1964. I find his interviews absolutely enthralling and after listening to you I must read some his Great War works. Thanks for the info on the HW society. I note that his Writing Hut is now a Grade II listed building.

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  8. Have been a fan of Henry Williamson for over 50 years. Always good to hear somebody else talk about him. Thanks for the great Podcast.

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  9. Excellent podcast, more books to add to my growing collection recommended by you,I watched the you tube clip his description of his experiences are very vivid what stood out me was at the beginning getting the bayonets sharpened ,love the series .

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