Ypres: Lille Gate to Bedford House

In this episode, we return to Flanders, and walk from the Lille Gate on the edge of the city via ‘Shrapnel Corner’ to Bedford House Cemetery, one of the largest in this area and laid out in an unusual way. We end on the old Ypres-Comines Canal where the German Army was stopped south of Ypres in April 1918.


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11 Comments on “Ypres: Lille Gate to Bedford House

  1. It’s the highlight of the week when you release a new Podcast, Paul; measured, calm, insightful – there are none to compare.

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  2. Excellent as ever Paul, I agree that Bedford house cwg has a particular charm in the spring & summer months. Thank you for all the details you gave us in this podcast.

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  3. Couldn’t agree more with the first comment, as ever an excellent podcast and reading list. Thanks also for mentioning the Naval and Military Press reprint, which one is it, The White Cross Touring Atlas of the Western Battlefields or the Guide to the War Regions of France and Belgium? I suspect the latter as it has a blue cover but would like to be sure. Thanks.

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  4. Hi Paul, another excellent episode, and one I shall return to in the future, Bedford House really does have a certain charm! Interestingly my Platoon Commander at Basic Training was a Captain Vyvyan of The Light Infantry, also from Cornwall, I recall that his family was a military family so possibly related.

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