Somme: Heilly Station Cemetery

In this episode we are Behind the Lines on the Somme, starting in the small village of Heilly, and looking at how soldiers were billeted in places like this, we then walk down to the railway station and examine the use of railways on the Somme and establishment of medical facilities for the wounded. We end at Heilly Station Cemetery, a vast city of the dead from the Somme battles of 1916.


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14 Comments on “Somme: Heilly Station Cemetery

  1. Great episode – a place close to my heart as it features heavily in my talk on the RAMC on the Somme which I have given to many WFA branches…..Keep up the good work!

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  2. Really enjoyed this podcast My granddads cousin J Flack Number: 24123 Norfolk Regiment 7th Bn. Died 18 October 1916 is buried in the cemetery in grave ref III. G. 80. I visited it about 4 years ago and was confused by the 2 names on the headstone. I thought that maybe the area was under fire and to save time 2 men were buried together, so your explanation was good to hear. I was also impressed by the regimental badges in the shelter wall as well. Thank you very much for filling so many of the gaps in my knowledge of shattering event that WW1 was. .

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  3. Fascinating. My great uncle is buried at Heilly Station so especially interesting. A peaceful spot and always deserted when I’ve ever visited.

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  4. Fascinating podcast, also interesting to hear about the demographic impact of the Great War on the French, which is probably worthy of a podcast in it’s own right.
    Were there instances of CCSs being overrun by the Germans, e.g during Kaiserschlacht? And if so were the medical staff allowed to carry on their work unhindered?

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    • Hi Stephen – to my knowledge no CCS was overrun with personnel still in it. They generally reacted quickly, packed up and moved off. I would guess the odd ADS/MDS might have been.


  5. The roses of Picardie are beautiful this afternoon at Heilly. We sat under the cover listening to your podcast and it enhanced our understanding of the cemetery and enabled us to understand why that cemetery is unique.


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