Back to the Front: Arras & the Somme

In the second of our episodes recorded while on a Leger Battlefield Tour, we travel to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Experience at Arras and then down to the Somme battlefields to see the Lochnagar Crater, the Ulster Tower, the trenches in the Newfoundland Park and end at ‘Mighty Thiepval’.

7 Comments on “Back to the Front: Arras & the Somme

  1. I do love it when you visit places I have been many a time with school parties and as always the podcast made me reflect, on what I know, what I thought I knew and new information, but the last few minutes of this episode, man that was so powerful! Thanks once again.

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  2. What a wonderful insight into your first visit back to the Somme. Really loved listening to this Paul, thank you so much, the part that stuck out that I never considered was the gardeners still working away all through 2020 and the cemeteries looking immaculate regardless of whether visitors were there or not. What an incredible job the CWGC do.
    I’m hoping to visit with Leger in the spring for the 5 day tour as I’ve visited all around Ypres but never Loos or the Somme.

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  3. Great podcast! Good to hear that visitors are returning to the Ulster Tower. What is it that Nigel does there? Also, regarding the Wurtemburg ‘pals’ battalions, was their motto “give em beans”? I recall this being mentioned in a dramatised documentary by the BBC (Somme from defeat to victory) released for the 90th anniversary in 2006.

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