A Time to Remember

In an episode released between Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, we pause to Remember. We reflect on the veterans back in the 80s and 90s, and think about what visiting the battlefields of the Great War means to us more than a century later.

Do have a listen to Matt Dixon’s Footsteps of the Fallen Podcast and the interview he did with me:



9 Comments on “A Time to Remember

  1. Hi Paul I find all of your podcast of great interest and I think this one stands out as one of your best, thanks.

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  2. Another excellent podcast. I’m always intrigued by the dearth of visitors during the post WW2 years to the 80s.

    Even though Leo Mckern’s 1976 documentary wasn’t intended for tourists, I feel that it shows a distinctly empty landscape. Fortunately, that was to change a few years later. Good reading list too, although a word of caution about the David Reynolds DVD. When was first shown on the BBC a few years ago it was well over 90 minutes long. By the time I bought the dvd it had be compressed to just under a hour. You can watch it in full on YouTube. Naturally I have the Palin one well in which you appear!

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