Great War Objects

In this episode of the podcast we look at several objects connected to the First World and ask what they tell us about the wider history of the period and those who fought and died.


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6 Comments on “Great War Objects

  1. À great episode. I wonder what happened to the Plaques which were returned ? Given the huge numbers produced there must have been a significant number which were returned when there were no living relatives or they had moved.

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      • Given there seems to have been no central record of delivery and there doesn’t seem to have been a way to claim one (unlike say unissued or returned medals) I wonder if they basically posted them out and and left it at that. If the wrong person got it they simply sold it, binned it or chucked it a draw. That might explain the large number which seem separate from any other medals/ documentation.

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  2. A great podcast with some very poignant stories. Especially the discovery of the memorial plaques during the post war house clearances.


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