Arras In A Day

In the latest of our Battlefields In A Day series we travel to Arras in Northern France to visit some key locations connected to the fighting here in 1917-1918; from the Arras Memorial to the key battle sites, ground connected to the 1917 movie and the ground fought over by Australians in 1917 and Canadians in 1918. A separate Battlefields In A Day covering Vimy Ridge will come later!

Morning Route:

Afternoon Route:


Podcast Extras: Maps

12 Comments on “Arras In A Day

  1. Your respect shown towards Vimy Ridge is much appreciated. I look forward to hearing your podcast on Vimy! Thanks Paul!🇨🇦

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  2. Hi Paul,
    Arras in a day, brilliant. Our old friend Frank Plum from Copdock was mentioned, and also the place between Monchy & Pelves where on 3rd May 1917, my Great Uncle Pte. William Laflin (2530) of 9th Btn Royal Fusiliers was a casualty. He was taken we think to Etaples where he died of his injuries on 7th May 1917. He is buried there. His Brother Edward Laflin was given leave to see him and walked 20 miles to be with his dying Brother.
    He was allowed by the Nurses to stop overnight and hitched a lift back to the Front Line on a lorry.
    We have in our posession a poem he wrote about Billy, it was read aloud on the 100th anniversary of his passing by his 4 Great Nephews at Etaples Cemetry.
    Thanks Paul for the podcasts, hope you are getting back to normal post covid.
    Take care


  3. Really enjoy the “Forgotten Front” podcasts Paul. During my only trip to Arras I recall being shown the subterranean caves behind the lines-a troglodyte world indeed!

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  4. Glad to see you back, Paul, and hope COVID doesnt leave any scars!

    I was wondering if you ever planned to record a podcast on the RFC? I realise they may not have ‘left their mark’ on the ground so to speak (when compared with the PBI), but I’ve always been fascinated by the development of air warfare in the Great War, and it would be amazing to listen to your views on it. Or perhaps a guest’s?


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  5. Excellent show. Interesting subject. Have you ever considered doing to 2 big American cemeteries? We have several local,en buried at St Mihiel. Wisconsin farm boys who never came home.

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  6. Another great podcast Paul. When I researched my family tree, I discovered that the brother-in-law of my Great Aunt was Donald Pickard MC. He had written the letter that appears on the Long Long rail website in support of Walter Tull receiving the Military Cross. His brother-in-law (the husband of my great aunt) had also won the Military Medal and Croix de Guerre.

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  7. Great podcast and reading list, some of which I have already, but not your Walking Arras, which arrived today, courtesy of N&MP.
    ( only ordered it yesterday after listening to this, so a plug for them as well!) Are there any plans to reintroduce the walking Arras tour any time soon?Sadly I missed it the first time round.


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