Somme: Across the Pozières Ridge

In this episode we travel to the Somme battlefields of 1916, see the ground where men of the 13th Rifle Brigade fought in a tragic attack, and walk the route the ANZACs took into Pozières village when they took it, see where Albert Jacka VC might have been awarded a bar to his Victoria Cross, and ending on the ground where the Canadians made their assault on Courcelette in September 1916.



It seems that ‘For The Duration’ by D.H.Rowlands has never been reprinted, but there is a copy of the unit War Diary available – see below.

Podcast Extras:

11 Comments on “Somme: Across the Pozières Ridge

  1. Great show. Loved the story of Jacka. The Aussies were and still are a tough group. My
    Friends who were in Vietnam said the Aussies were recklessly brave

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  2. Excellent podcast as always. My grandfather served with the NZ Artillery in Italy in and around Monte Cassino. Thank you for mentioning this WW2 campaign

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  3. Thanks again Paul gorgeous a great podcast. So glad reference was made to the late, great Lyn, too, not only a wonderful and compassionate writer but also (despite the comments of some not-to-be-named-here academics) a massive spark for Great War History at a time when interest in the conflict was perhaps waning and a pioneer for non-male study of the War. Hope the covid recovery continues matey!

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    • Thanks, Andy – yes important to acknowledge the work of people like Lyn who did so much to keep it alive when the Great War was forgotten largely.


  4. Excellent podcast. I found the comparison with Italy in WW2 interesting. In the World at War episode on the Italian front, (Tough old gut) the war correspondent, Wynford Vaughan -Thomas describes watching the German attacks at Anzio; when they left their trenches “as like something out of Journey’s End”.He also wrote the book “Anzio” on which the 1968 film with Robert Mitchum was loosely based. I say loosely because after watching the film you could be forgiven for thinking that it was an entirely American battle! I took the book with me on the 2019 Leger 75th anniversary Italian tour. Which was, as ever, fantastic.

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