Somme: Journey Up The Line

In this episode, we are behind the lines on the Somme, in the village of Englebelmer. We look at life behind the front on the Somme, discover what remains from 1916, and follow a journey many soldiers made towards the front line in this sector of the battlefields.


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12 Comments on “Somme: Journey Up The Line

  1. Different perspective, but extremely interesting as always,enhanced by the google maps .No longer need to fiddle with IPhone in one hand and iPad in the other

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  2. Yes Paul a particularly evocative episode on Saturday. It is strange how certain of these stories you relate hit the spot with such reality.

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  3. We stayed at a B&B in an old farmhouse in the centre of Englebelmer on a visit to the Somme about five years ago. It never occurred to me at the time, but it may well have been one of the billets during the Great War. Fascinating stuff.

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  4. Thanks for another great podcast. Thanks also for mentioning the not so cushy life of the gunners. The sound ranging that you mentioned could locate an enemy gun battery to within 25 to 50 yards. So clearly once a gun had opened fire, its “signature” would inevitably invite retaliatory fire, which the gunners would be aware of. Added to this they had flash spotting to contend with.

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