Gallipoli Cemeteries

In this episode, we travel away from the Western Front to Gallipoli. Here there are thirty-one British and Commonwealth cemeteries on the Gallipoli Penninsula, and we visit some on the beaches and others in more isolated locations, along with the stories of the men buried there from the 1915 Campaign.


The website of the Gallipoli Association: Gallipoli Association.

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6 Comments on “Gallipoli Cemeteries

  1. As usual top draw! Been twice but both over 20 years ago and so different like you said from the Western Front. Look forward to you doing the Farm as we braved going down there but didn’t really know many stories from there….


  2. Very entertaining as ever, Paul. Thank you. I went to Gallipoli with Gary Ashley some years ago, and you’re right, it is very different from what we’re used to in Europe. I have always felt some sympathy for Hamilton – I know he was probably overly optimistic and has to shoulder some blame, but it seems the whole thing was very much a poisoned chalice with only ever one outcome.

    Do you have any opinions as to who the mysterious woman was at Doughty-Wylies grave? His wife or Gertrude Bell? Talking of D-W, when I came home, I found the story of the only other solitary war grave on Gallipoli – that of Bill the B*stard”, which made me smile.

    On our free afternoon in Istanbul I took a ferry across the Bosphorus (evoking memories of tales of Zeus, Darius the Great etc) to Haydarpasa to look at the English Cemetery. As I’m sure you realise, there’s many thousands of unmarked Crimean War dead buried there, as well as sailors, diplomats, merchants, Levantines & civilians who had relocated to Turkey and found their last resting place in Istanbul, buried under ornate headstones. I was there to visit the grave of a fellow ex-schoolboy who was killed in 1919 and is buried in the CWGC plot there, but it was a very interesting place to visit, with monuments to, among others, the missing of Dunsterforce. That’s a subject in itself.

    Thanks again,

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    • Thanks, Phil – yes, a very different battlefield experience. I know the cemetery you mention – on an older version of that tour we had the time to visit it. Some very interesting graves there!


  3. Thanks for this, Paul, a very interesting podcast. I visited Gallipoli with the Gallipoli Association in 2019, and was lucky to have Stephen Chambers and Rory Stephens as tour guides.. Stephen took me to Lala Baba Cemetery, so I could pay my respects to Brigadier Paul Kenna VC. Gallipoli is a great place to visit, I can’t wait to go back again.


  4. Thanks for a fascinating podcast. I’m glad to say that the Gallipoli, the first D-Day is still available on YouTube.

    In 2015 the 6 VCs were on display at the Fusiliers Museum in Bury, not sure where they are now though.

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