The Somme In A Day

In the second in our series of Battlefields In A Day, we travel to the Somme battlefields in Northern France. The Somme was one of the defining battles of the Great War and we follow it’s story from beginning to end, seeing some of the key sites connected to the fighting in 1916.

Morning Route:

Afternoon Route:



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14 Comments on “The Somme In A Day

  1. These recent battle field in a day podcasts have been so informative. I would also suggest people checking out the Commonweath War Grave Commission’s website. I searched for soldiers with my last name and were from Canada. There were six WWI soldiers who I found. I have been to all of their graves. If you last name is Smith, your last name Trail would be huge. But this may be an interesting activity to guide your travels. Coincidentally, when searching for one soldier with the last name of Lush, I found another British soldier with my same last name. Safe travels!

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  2. Excellent and how true for a lot of people the Great War started on 1st July 1916…….look forward to next week’s!

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  3. Thank’s a lot. Will visit this area in may for the first time. Greets from Cologne/Germany. Basti.

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  4. Great as always Paul.
    On behalf of all at Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association, thank you for your words of support and look forward to that day when we can talk ‘on site’s.
    Many thanks

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  5. Excellent transporting podcast, as ever!
    My first visit to the Somme was a similar 1-day whistle stop (not as comprehensive as Paul’s). Successful in the sense that it ignited my passion/obsession which still burns brightly 25 years later….but regrettable because the tour company (now defunct) did barely more than deliver us to various sites with the instruction to be back on the coach in ‘x minutes’……when just a little extra effort from our ‘guide’, who invariably remained on the coach, would have made a huge difference by setting the scene, orienting us as to location of the front lines etc.

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  6. Thanks for a great podcast, one that I’m sure that I will listen to again. What Leo Mckern did for the Somme on film 46 years ago, you’ve just done in sound.

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