WW1 at Home: Mells, Somerset

With the Great War battlefields still seeming far away, this week we travel to a picturesque church in Somerset to look at memorials to men bound together by family, sacrifice and duty, and in the churchyard discover the grave of one of the major Great War poets: Siegfried Sassoon.


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8 Comments on “WW1 at Home: Mells, Somerset

  1. Another fascinating talk, and from a different perspective. I decided to drive up to Mells as it’s not far. I spent a happy hour listening to the podcast sitting on a bench in the church yard. Then literally followed in your footsteps. I confess to stopping at war memorials wherever I go, and the one in Mells is well worth the visit. Thanks, Paul.

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  2. Excellent a different view of things and what a nice memorial at Mells…keep up the good work and see you on the Battlefields!

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  3. Another great podcast and thank you for the thank you. Mells Church seems definitely worth a visit when I’m next in the south west. Pity about the Eric Gill connection, although mentioning him was a necessary evil I suppose.

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