Sussex to the Somme

In this episode, we follow the story of the Southdowns Battalions of the Royal Sussex, “Lowther’s Lambs”; often seen as the nearest Sussex had to Pals Battalions. We look at their story from their formation in September 1914 to their virtual destruction at Richebourg and Hamel in 1916. We also discuss the journey I made in the 1980s to follow their war and interview some of the last remaining veterans. 

You can read more about their war here: Sussex to the Somme.


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9 Comments on “Sussex to the Somme

  1. I was on the road early today instead of Monday, so time for this week’s OFL. I love these episodes with a real personal connection to you, it really brings things to life. The men of Sussex would be proud to be remembered in such a way.

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  2. Sussex to the Somme – not missed one of your podcasts Paul.Everyone been suberb , Sussex to the Somme was exceptional .Throughly enjoyed this one though.Great research and tales from 40 years ago Paul.

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  3. What an enjoyable podcast. Living in Lancashire, I have many wonderful military archives and museums nearby all of which take great pride in keeping the history of the many northern Pals battalions alive. Thank you so much for an very detailed insight into a southern county equivalent.

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  4. Thank you for another great episode 🙏. I never would have twigged that about the wide ramps at Cooden station.
    Also, for anyone that wants to visit, it’s ‘last orders at the bar’ for the Cooden Camp site, as what is left is on the verge of development.

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  5. A great podcast about the journey of the Southdowns battalions. I never tire of hearing about your early visits to the Western Front, especially using public transport!

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