Mons: A Bridge At Nimy

In the final episode of Season 2, we look back at this season’s podcasts and ahead to the future of The Old Front Line, and then travel to Belgium, to examine some of the opening shots of the war at the village of Nimy, near Mons, where the men of the 4th Royal Fusiliers fought in August 1914.


ANDREW THORNTON’S WEBSITE: Private John Henry Parr on Our War website

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6 Comments on “Mons: A Bridge At Nimy

  1. Thanks for this, Paul. I visited Nimy with some friends a few years ago, and gave a short talk to them about the actions there, including Oskar Niemeyer., who I believe was the first recipient of the Iron Cross in the Great War.

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    • Thanks, Wayne. I’m not sure he was the first to win the Iron Cross, though, as the Germans had been in action for over three weeks by then, on two fronts in the West and against Russia.


  2. In case you missed it the medal went for £17,000……..Great episode on Mons Paul!


  3. Nice round up of series 2. Also an excellent summary of the social makeup of the British army. For many, the Edwardian era was not quite the gilded age of popular imagination. Interesting also to hear more about Private Godley. I remember in Richard Holmes’ War War episode on Mons, that he was described as a man to be avoided in the barrack room! As ever a good reading list.

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