The Loos Memorial

The Loos Memorial to the Missing is sited along the old Roman Road between Bethune and Lens, right in the heart of the Loos Battlefield. Here we look at the fighting in this part of the Western Front, the background to the Missing, and examine some stories of those commemorated here: from a Major-General to the son of Rudyard Kipling, to the men from Sussex, many of whom died at Richebourg.


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3 Comments on “The Loos Memorial

  1. I wrote my 6th year Eng Lang dissertation on the poetry of C H Sorley. We’ll always wonder where he was going with his poetry…

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  2. Another immense podcast! Well done…..With regard to the Sussex connection the painting on the front cover of Most Unfavourable Ground is of Harry Wells of the 2nd Royal Sussex’s wining his Victoria Cross at Loos…..Remembering


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