Books & Battlefields: Somme

Something slightly different this week: we look at the village of Bazentin-le-Petit on the Somme battlefields through the lens of three classic memoirs of the Great War. These include Robert Graves Goodbye To All That and Frank Richards Old Soldiers Never Die. How important are these WW1 memoirs and what do they tell us?


Warrior by Graham Seton Hutchison (c.1930s) – there is no book image for this for Amazon but you can follow the link below.

Goodbye To All That by Robert Graves (various editions)

Old Soldiers Never Die by Frank Richards (various editions)

Podcast Extras: Bazetnin-le-Petit

4 Comments on “Books & Battlefields: Somme

  1. Excellent as all ways , On One visit to Bazetinn I fought my way though the Undergrowth Bushes Brambles and Nettles and stood in the reminds of the Windmill that Frank Richards stood and tried to image him signalling and enduring the bombardment while trying to keep in touch attacking troops and looked in wonder how open the ground was up to High Wood .

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  2. Another great podcast, which I listened to twice. By the way, I never curse you for recommending books… partner does!


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