Ypres: Hill 60

Once the haunt of lovers, these gentle slopes on a Flanders landscape became Hill 60 to the British Tommy – one of the most infamous locations on the battlefields near Ypres. We look at the story of Demarcation Stones, British and Commonwealth Tunnellers, mine craters and bunkers… and a forgotten WW1 Trench Museum.


Website Links

Demarcation Stones: www.terres-de-guerre.fr/iti/xUrKIVeSVGZddAAAW

Simon Jones article on the Battle of Messines: www.simonjoneshistorian.com/myths-of-messines/

Podcast Extras: Hill 60

Podcast Extras: Hill 60 Trench Museum

8 Comments on “Ypres: Hill 60

  1. Listened to this, with Nigel Cave’s book next to me, so it was very easy to follow the route described by Paul in yet another excellent podcast.


  2. Another excellent episode. I always find Hill 60 a rather gloomy spot, which given its history isn’t surprising. How small it is always surprises. I did get to visit the museum when it had its revival. Definitely an weird, odd spot with rather random exhibits and very grim stereo viewers.

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