Somme: Courcelette to Regina Trench

In this 50th Episode of the podcast, we return to home ground – the village of Courcelette on the Somme. We walk the Canadian attack route in the attack on the village, visit Courcelette British Cemetery and then look at the final stage of the battle around Regina Trench and Desire Trench.

The previous episode of the podcast mentioned is here: Courcelette to ADANAC.


Podcast Extras: Courcelette

Podcast Extras: Regina Trench

26 Comments on “Somme: Courcelette to Regina Trench

  1. Congratulations on your 50th episode Paul! I love this! Best podcast I listen to. Your Canadian content is always appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉❤️🇨🇦

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  2. Paul, do you have any idea why Google Maps does not mark every Commonwealth Cemetery? Regina Trench Cemetery is one of many I have found that do not have a green label on Google Maps. Thanks

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  3. Rainy Saturday morning, fresh coffee, OFL to listen to. What could be better. Congratulations on 50 episodes.


  4. Hi Paul, just listened to the 50th episode, very interesting. I’ve always loved the old railway posters, never realized that a great war veteran was the painter of some of them, including one of Portrush that’s I’ve always liked as it’s where my old dad came from.
    Quick question if I may, on google earth there’s a deep excavation 200m north of Regina Trench cemetery, is this anything to do with the great war ? It may just be a chalk pit dug by a farmer but it looks particularly deep with one vertical side (going by the shadow).

    Many thanks and looking forward to the next 50 !

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  5. My great Uncle was with the 42nd battalion CEF,at Ypres,his name is on the Menin Gate.
    Superb podcasts,love Saturdays listening to them.

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  6. Congratulations on reaching your milestone, Paul. I’ve listened to all 50 of your high quality podcasts and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. I learn something new every week so many thanks!

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  7. I too can boast of having listened avidly to all 50 podcasts…! Impossible to find words to describe how much I have enjoyed them, how much I have learnt from them and how much they have made me ache to get back over to the OFL again. A massive well done to you Paul, for all of them.
    The idea, to which you refer in this latest edition, of creating a series of video episodes will, I am sure, be savoured by all your followers.


  8. Congratulations on number 50! Another fascinating episode on an area not as well known, considering its proximity to the more visited locations. Always enjoyed your stunning photos of Courcelette Cemetery on Twitter. Here’s to the next 50 episodes!

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  9. I must admit I got a bit lost on Google maps then saw Regina Trench Cemetry unmarked, Google Street view did not go that far either.
    Another great podcast Paul, looking forward to the next 50, you have your work cut out now!! Thoroughly enjoyed each one.
    Thank you.

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  10. Regina Trench cem has always held a strange fascination for me. Such a magnificent feature in so remote a location…..somehow adds to the impression of the battlefield it once was….and the poignancy of the sacrifice it contains Although diminished (for me) since they felled its beautiful trees and stripped out the lavender beds (heaven forbid the same fate for Courcelette cem or Ancre Valley), I return several times a year (typically basing myself in Courcelette). Am slowly building a better understanding of the fighting in the surrounding area, assisted by Linesman etc to locate the WW1 redoubts and trench lines.

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  11. Wow, I have listened to all fifty which has increased my knowledge and understanding so very much. Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and those of your guests. Great work.

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  12. Thanks for another excellent podcast. Lance Cattermole’s account of the battle always exerts a grim fascination. I had no idea that he had so many paintings to his name.

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