Trench Chat: Battlefield Tourism and Landscape with Amy Harrison

In this episode, we are joined by Military Historian Amy Harrison to discuss her work as a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Intern, and her research into Battlefield Tourism and Landscape for the Ph.D. she is researching at the University of Kent.

You can follow Amy Harrison on Twitter here:

You can help Amy with her research by completing this questionaire here:

6 Comments on “Trench Chat: Battlefield Tourism and Landscape with Amy Harrison

  1. Another great podcast Paul and Amy. I’ve been interested in my family history for almost as long as I’ve been interested in learning about the Great War. Being able to combine the two has been immensely rewarding and has led me to look at the war and the war sites in a different way. The human losses during the war touched so many families, mine included, and with modern technology, its now relatively easy for us all to find a family link to the Great War.

    As I haven’t been able to get over to France and Flanders over the past year due to Covid-19, I set myself my own personal Lockdown commemoration project, which can be viewed here:

    It’s a one-off book that I have had printed for myself (and my children) and is a personal record of our family’s involvement during the Great War. I’d recommend doing something yourself as it’s been hugely rewarding and looks great too!

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    • That is absolutely fantastic Steve and a great tribute to all who served in your family. That must have taken a lot of research , thanks for sharing it was very interesting and you have inspired me to put all ours information in a single album . KR Nigel Marshall

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  2. What a talented young lady, Amy’s enthusiasm and passion for the continued development of our knowledge, the remembrance of the battlefields and those who still rest there is very obvious to hear. Best wishes with your continued research.

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  3. An excellent account of Amy’s experience as an intern at Tyne Cot. I hope that the CWGC keep this up.Her comments about peoples’ behaviours at these sites were interesting. Her role seems to be broadly similar to that of the volunteers that you see from Canada at the Canadian cemeteries. I look forward to seeing Amy’s PHD thesis in print and wish her well for the future.


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