Walking Cambrai: Havrincourt

Cambrai in November 1917 witnessed the first mass use of British Tanks in the Great War as battalions of the Tank Corps supported the infantry. On this walk we follow the men from the West Riding of Yorkshire in their attack at Havrincourt, look at the story of the chateau here, the West Riding Memorial, and visit a small ‘Comrade’s Cemetery’ neat Havrincourt Wood.

Podcast Extras: Havrincourt 1916/17

Podcast Extras: Havrincourt Today

4 Comments on “Walking Cambrai: Havrincourt

  1. I received copies of your Walking the Somme and Walking D-Day for Christmas. Looking forward to using them when I return to France.


  2. Another great listen. Here’s hoping that we are able to travel to France soon as I am keen to visit the places you talk about each week.

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  3. I’ve always been fascinated by maps so I always try to listen to Paul’s fantastic podcasts while studying the NLS trench map website (the transparency overlay slidey thing is amazing!). One thing struck me while listening to today’s podcast – at some point in the latter part of the war the colours of the respective British and German trenches were swapped around on the British maps. Firstly, did this not cause any confusion? And secondly, has Paul any plans for a podcast about the mapping of the trenches? (no pressure!)


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