Somme: Pozières to Martinpuich

In this episode we walk the fields that link together an English composer, a Canadian who was one of three from the same street to be awarded the Victoria Cross, a black cat that went into battle in one of the first Tanks and a young officer who collected books. We’re back on the Somme, walking the ground between Pozières and Martinpuich where the fighting in September 1916 took place.

Below are some books connected to this week’s podcast episode. Click on the image to be taken to the Amazon page. You can help support the Old Front Line podcast by ordering books this way. Thank you!

Featured in the podcast was the story of D20 Tank, Daphne. It’s commander, 2/Lt Harry Drader took his black cat Percy onto action at Martinpuich on 15th September 1916. The gun turret, or sponson, seen in the preview image below is the one mentioned in the podcast.

Valour Road, Winnipeg

This article from Valour Canada tells you more about Valour Road, where Leo Clarke VC lived in 1914.

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6 Comments on “Somme: Pozières to Martinpuich

  1. Excellent as usual……love the 47th (2nd London) Infantry Division and what they did in the Great War…..especially at Loos….approaching the 105th anniversary…..

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  2. A great podcast us usual. Working as I do for the General Register
    Office, the return of the Register to the Marie of Martinpuich was especially poignant. A must see when I next visit the Western Front with Leger.

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