Trench Chat: WW1 Geology with Peter Doyle

Why is the Geology of the First World War so important? In this latest Trench Chat, we are joined by Professor Peter Doyle to discuss landscape and memory, and how the geology of Mud, Chalk, and Rock affected the battlefields of the Western Front. 

You can order Peter’s book Disputed Earth by clicking on the image below or follow this link to Amazon. Ordering the book this way also helps support The Old Front Line podcast. A few other of Peter’s books are shown below and can also be ordered by clicking on the image.

You can follow Professor Peter Doyle on Twitter and also do visit his excellent website.

Podcast Extras: Mud

Podcast Extras: Chalk

Podcast Extras: Rock

7 Comments on “Trench Chat: WW1 Geology with Peter Doyle

  1. Very interesting talk. I enjoyed it far more than I expected to. I now have Peter’s book on my kindle.


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