Verdun: Fleury to Douaumont

In this week’s episode, we step beyond the British sector of the Western Front to one of the most iconic French battlefields of the Great War – Verdun. Here we walk the ground between the ‘lost’ village of Fleury and visit the huge cemetery and ossuary at Douaumont. Our object is a commemorative memorial stone produced to help soldiers wounded in battles like Verdun. 

Below are some books relating to the Battle of Verdun. If you click on the image it will take you to the Amazon Page for that book. Buying books this way helps support The Old Front Line. Thank you!

Podcast Extras: Verdun Photos

Podcast Extras: Douaumont Today

13 Comments on “Verdun: Fleury to Douaumont

  1. Having been to Verdun myself, this episode took me back there. Absolutely brilliant.


  2. Another great podcast, informative, superbly presented and honouring those who fought and survived and those who did not return to their homes. Looking forward to next week’s already. Thanks for doing these.


  3. A very impactful description of the Douaumont ossuary. Powerful. Many thanks.


  4. I’ve never visited Verdun, but it’s no.1 on my list. To help me co-ordinate, I had Google satellite maps on my laptop whilst listening. It really helped me get a bit more of a feel for the battlefield. This was probably my favourite podcast so far: absolutely wonderful stuff!


  5. Another very very enjoyable podcast…like all the others. Have walked exactly the same ground with a pal a couple of years ago. Sitting in the sun in the garden , listening on headphones, whilst Paul’s commentary takes me back to the exact locations. Difficult to reconcile the peace of my garden with the hell that these men of WW1 endured. Thank you Paul for the wealth of fascinating information you impart and your measured delivery…..

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  6. Another great podcast. I’ve not been to Verdun, but when normality resumes it will certainly be on the list of things to do. Another book recommended, my WW1 book collection is getting bigger since I started listening to these podcasts.


  7. A more powerful podcast to listen too. A time to remember the sacrifices of every man and woman. Thank you once more.


  8. Very moving and thought provoking…never been but think I might have to now……


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