Walking Ypres: The Messines Ridge

In this episode we start in the village of Wulverghem and walk via Ration Farm, and some battlefield cemeteries, up onto the Messines Ridge. This weeks WW1 object is a collection of ‘Fragments From France’ magazines and we discuss the work of cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather, famous for the ‘Old Bill’ cartoons.

Podcast Episode Photographs

4 Comments on “Walking Ypres: The Messines Ridge

  1. I find that I am looking forward so much to Sundays, to catch the next podcast episode. I follow the “walk” intently, map spread out before me. I have followed your walking guides in previous years, Paul , across the Somme and the Salient, sometimes in the dead of winter with snow on the ground and sometimes in the summer sun.I find each podcast episode so informative, so rivetting but above all, so poignant. Jolly well done to you….


  2. Thoroughly enjoying listening to all of these podcasts. They are very informative, insightful and respectful of those who did not return to their homes.


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