Last Digger Action: Montbrehain

In the quiet village of Montbrehain in Northern France, Australians who had fought at Gallipoli, and in some of the key battles on the Western Front, went into battle for the last time on a misty morning in October 1918. This was Australia’s final battle of the Great War: the end of a long route across France and Flanders that had cost the lives of more than 45,000 Diggers. 


Podcast Extras: Montbrehain 1918

Podcast Extras: Montebrehain Today

8 Comments on “Last Digger Action: Montbrehain

  1. Interesting podcast.
    My grandfather was at Montbrehain with the 21st battalion. The 21st battalion is a story in itself being the first AIF battalion to arrive on the Western Front in March 1916 and the last to go into action at Montbrehain. It also spent time at Gallipoli towards the end of that campaign.
    My grandfather was there from Gallipoli to the end except when on leave or receiving medical treatment.
    The village characterised the 2018 commemoration as the centenary of liberation from the German occupation. Unfortunately I was unable to make it.

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  2. Another great episode…it is often forgotten that they did not have conscription and they certainly took their share of the fighting.


  3. Excellent. I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again, superlatives are wasted describing these podcasts.

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  4. Great podcast found the photo of the three of them particularly moving after another trip down the old front line..

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  5. Thank you for the podcast. My grandfather was learning to walk in a German occupied house in Montbrehain during the war. My grandmother recently attended a 100 year event to commemorate the Australians who fought here.

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