Flanders: Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

Located just off a main road on the route into Flanders, and sheltered by tall trees, this is Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. It was once one of the largest British cemeteries from the Great War, with nearly 11,000 burials of men who died of wounds. Here we look at Railheads and Estaminets, and examine the treatment of the wounded, and the role of Nurses.


Lijssenthoek Cemetery 1920

Lijssenthoek Cemetery Today

9 Comments on “Flanders: Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

  1. Enjoyed this podcast and once again wish I had heard it before my visits to this cemetery.
    Certainly makes it more interesting having been there and know exactly where you are walking and describing

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  2. Always nice for the RAMC to get a mention…..and the QA’s of course….Very moving and a great place to visit…Never forgotten.


  3. Interesting to hear such an in depth description of this cemetery as a man mentioned on my local war memorial is there, James Hutt who died in October 1917. I’ve seen a record of his injuries and I hope they gave him all the pain relief they had available for that long ambulance ride. I think of him whenever I’m on the 105 bus to or from Southall as part of the route is along what used to be the lane where he lived for a time as a child. I was lucky enough to be given an image of his grave under a shady tree.

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  4. Paul.
    Great podcast as ever.
    I have a memoir of a RFA chap, written in Feb 1919, based on his diary. He was a telephonist/signaller. He mentions having his forward telephone station in the Momber (he spelt it Momba) crater during the battle of Menin Road in Sept 1917.
    Hence Momber is on my ‘to visit’ list.
    Thanks again.


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