Somme: The Colonel’s Field

What is the story behind a place known as ‘The Colonel’s Field’ near to the Somme village of Flers? In this episode, we link Picardy with Yorkshire and follow the story of an English Earl and a Battalion of Yeoman who marched to the front in 1916. 

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Podcast Extras: The Colonel

5 Comments on “Somme: The Colonel’s Field

  1. Great story….like the Somme, Crete and Normandy connection for the Hargest family. Also we forget so many of the leading lights in the Second World War also saw service in the First like Anthony Eden.

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  2. Interesting to hear about Hargest’s view of the performance of British troops in Normandy. I recall reading about this years ago and one of his criticisms was that some British troops were excessively cautious. The author commented that these formations had a lot of older soldiers and that old soldiers are cautious soldiers…..that’s why they are old soldiers! Must visit the memorials at Oldham and Rievaulx when the Covid restrictions allow. Thanks for another fascinating podcast.

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