Above The Battlefield: WW1 Aerial Photography

During the Great War pilots took their aircraft above the battlefield not only to bomb and strafe, but to photograph the trenches of the Western Front. What do these images show us and how do they relate to the landscape we know today?


Air Photo Web Links:

Imperial War Museum Photograph Archive: Imperial War Museum.

McMaster University, Canada: Trench Maps and Air Photos.

Gallica French Archive: WW1 Air Photos.

French Official Department of the Marne Archives: WW1 Air Photos.

Podcast Extras:

5 Comments on “Above The Battlefield: WW1 Aerial Photography

  1. Hi Paul- I really enjoyed the episode. Do you have a link to the Württemberg archives you reference? Sorry if I missed it. I live here in Stuttgart and want to pay a visit.


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  2. Another great podcast. The development of aerial photography in the Great War is something that I know little about, so thanks also for the reading list. I am quite partial to the then and now books!

    Given my interest in Artillery the role of aerial photography in gunnery was especially interesting. Also interesting was the comparison of WW1 and the ACW. I have emailed you a link with an article about this separately.

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