Somme 105: The Battle Continues

As the Battle of the Somme continued, it took the British Army into the ‘Horseshoe of Woods’ that characterised the next phase of the fighting here in July 1916. As the 105th Anniversary of the Somme continues, we look at how the battle progressed. 


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3 Comments on “Somme 105: The Battle Continues

  1. Great podcast, especially hearing about Albert Chester’s and the Junger connection.

    Is the Delville Wood visitor centre open? I went on a Walking the Somme Anniversary centenary tour in 2016 and we were meant to visit there, but it was closed. We were told that it could be hit and miss whether it was open or not. Also how did you manage to stay in the garden’s lodge? Can anyone do that (pre covid), ie as a paying guest or do you have to have special permission? The book Hold at all costs is a good account of the battle. As a Northerner anyone south of Watford is posh to me, so I don’t care how you spell your name!!


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