Walking Ypres: Plugstreet Wood

South of the city of Ypres in Belgium, a large area of woodland was swallowed up in the fighting of 1914. For the next four years, the British and Commonwealth forces held the line in and around Ploegsteert Wood – “Plugstreet Wood” to the British Tommy. 


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Podcast Extras: Ploegsteert Today

7 Comments on “Walking Ypres: Plugstreet Wood

  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for another really enjoyable podcast and for kindly mentioning my part in reuniting Thomas Henry Bowley’s memorial plaque with you. I look forward to seeing you again before too long. Very best wishes, Steve Law, Great War Medals

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  2. Looking forward to listening to this after work. Have visited Ploegsteert Memorial where my great grandfather CHJ Meek 1/4 Northumberland Fusiliers is remembered along with thousands of others.

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  3. One of my favourite walks from Prowse point to the sanctuary of rifle house cemetery. Enjoying the cool afforded by the shade and shelter from rain. Being watched by an owl on 1 oçcasion and stung by a bee on another. Great granddad did his “nursery” training here with 1/5th leicesters in 1915 so feel like treading in his footsteps. Have explored the depths and many bunkers and was intrigued as to why the trench system was not so visible. Your breastwork explanation certainly puts it in perspective. Always thought that because the front was further east nearer the birdcage was the reason. Your books walking ypres somme and arras are invaluable. Thankyou for these podcasts and sharing your knowledge with us mere amateurs. They bring these silent cities to life with the moving stories. Thanks once again.

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  4. Another wonderful virtual tour combing a wealth of fascinating and moving stories. Look forward to part 2.

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