Trench Chat: War Cemeteries & Landscape with Tim Godden

In this latest Trench Chat we are joined by military historian Dr Tim Godden to discuss his research on the Junior Architects of the Imperial War Museum, and the design and meaning of the ‘Silent Cities’, the British cemeteries of the Great War. We also discuss Tim’s work as an artist, and how that connects to his wider interest in the conflict.

Tim Godden’s website:

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4 Comments on “Trench Chat: War Cemeteries & Landscape with Tim Godden

  1. That certainly put a different perspective when visiting our war cemeteries as like many others I walk around looking at the gravestones and never think of looking over the wall so to speak. I sincerely hope it’s something I can try this year assuming the leger trips I am on can go ahead.
    Its also worthwhile looking at Tim’s artwork it certainly gave me a chuckle.

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  2. What I thoroughly enjoy about your podcasts is the differing perspectives each one gives. The point about looking out from the graveyard is so important but easily missed as is the individual story that each one tells. Fascinating and great to listen to as ever, thanks for doing these.

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