Ypres: Hell Fire Corner

Along the old Roman Road between Ypres and Menin, was a road junction that became the main route to the front line: this was Hell Fire Corner, the most infamous spot on the Western Front. In this episode we walk from the centre of Ypres to the Lille Gate and along the old railway line to Hell Fire Corner.


Podcast Extras: Ypres

Podcast Extras: Lille Gate

Podcast Extras: Hell Fire Corner

25 Comments on “Ypres: Hell Fire Corner

  1. Thank you for this. Very informative. My grandfather was at Hell Fire Corner and he told my father how the German snipers would try to pick off any British soldiers with stripes. He used to take the gun carriages to the battle zone and rode the lead horse. When a shell landed under his horse. It killed the horses and the other men but my grandad was very lucky. He devoted much of his spare time looking after horses once the war was over. He thought it was the least he could do after a horse saved his life.

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  2. Another cracking episode, thank you Paul. One of my most treasured possessions is a British 18 pound shell casing from 1917 highly engraved with the name of Ypres and the regimental crest of the Royal Garrison Artillery. The family story is that my grandfather traded a bar of chocolate with a German POW for it and also his helmet.He was in the EFC/ASC so would have acess to the stores so it may well be true. I wonder if he ever saw the destruction around Ypres as he did not return until 1919.

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  3. Hello Paul and thank you for another riveting podcast.Have blundered around outside the centre of Ypres in the past, looking for the location of Hell Fire Corner. Strange to realise that I have passed it so many times, on the modern road system. ( Have also previously confused it with Hellblast Corner ). I have expressed interest in the past as to the the fate of WW1 memorials that the Germans came across when invading during WW2. Have read recently that many of the demarcation stones were destroyed, the wording on them “offending” German troops.Possibly true?

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  4. Enjoyed as always Paul. The content never fails to tug at the heartstrings – while the programme was as informative as usual, the last few lines about how the battlefields speak to you really ‘got’ me this week if you see what I mean!


  5. Another excellent podcast and reading list, some of which I have, but not the one by Beatrix Brice, which definitely seems worth buying.


  6. Brilliant podcast, unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit Ypres this year but Paul’s podcast was the next best thing. Looking forward to the next ones

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  7. Makes me wonder if my ancestor (Grandfathers, brothers son) was in this area… his body is somewhere in the grounds in the area.

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  8. Makes me wonder if my ancestor (Grandfathers uncles son) was in this area… his body is buried somewhere over there…

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  9. Yet another fascinating episode. My great grandfather Major W B Armstrong RAMC was the Medical Officer of the 9th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and was at Ypres in 1915. There is a newspaper report when at Hooge he carried on treating the wounded as the roof of the first aid post was blown off!

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  10. Hi Paul –

    In view 3 of the significance & noteriety of Hell Fire Corner, is there a reason that more us not made of it with history boards,pictorials etc on the tourist route of the salient ?

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