Walking Ypres: Langemarck

We return to Flanders and walk the battlefields near the village of Langemarck (now Langemark) across to Langemarck German Cemetery, the story of which runs like a dark thread through the history of the Twentieth Century, uncovering many of the myths about this iconic symbol of German loss in the Great War. For our WW1 Object we look at a German 1917 Artillery Signalling Lamp.

The following books relate to the battlefields around Langemarck and are good follow-on reading after listening to the podcast. Click on an image to be taken to the Amazon Page for that book. Buying books this way helps support The Old Front Line. Thank you!

Podcast Extras: Langemarck Battlefields

Podcast Extras: Langemarck Cemetery

Podcast Extras: WW1 Object

15 Comments on “Walking Ypres: Langemarck

  1. Great podcast again, full of stories and details. Amazing discovery although I have past by that cemetery many times…

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  2. A very moving and informative podcast – I too have heard comments about the difference between CWGC cemeteries and the German equivalents. Until now I hadn’t really grasped the reasons – it is true that we can never say we know everything about the conflict.

    Thank you Paul and keep up the great work.

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  3. I’ve spent so many years reading about the World Wars and know the topic well, but it’s so fantastic to have your podcasts and learn So much from someone who is on an elevated plane of expertise!
    The “disappearance” of the German war dead & their heimat is so sad (yet understandable as you deftly handled it, considering European history ) and not really discussed much. The tragedy of defeat and loss is so different from the victors perspective, you can’t help but feel pity for those German boys that existed only in the memories of their loved ones and are now gone forever

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  4. Another illuminating listen to aspects of WW1 that I had never heard about. Thanks so much for putting these together, it makes the extended furlough easier to get through.
    KR Nigel Marshall

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  5. Thank you for such an interesting and informative podcast , it’s great to understand the truth behind German burials , having been on one of your walks a few years ago you make it as if we are there again ..

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  6. Have visited Langemarck on a couple of occasions, now I understand it’s inception and layout better. Sadly the German government doesn’t contribute to the costs of maintaining these cemeteries which I find hard to understand, appreciate the European history but these young men fought in good faith for their country as did ours, they were someone’s, son,brother, father a contribution to the upkeep wouldn’t be glorifying that.

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  7. A fascinating podcast exploring the myths of the “Kindermord bei Ypern”.
    Also the reference to Rogge was an unexpected bonus. Being ex RN I’ve always been interested in the activities of the High Seas Fleet and the Kriegsmarine. In WW2 he commanded the Auxiliary Merchant Cruiser, Atlantis, which was the most successful of all the German surface raiders, sinking twice the tonnage of the Graf Spee. Rogge behaved impeccably and was respected and even liked by the crews of the ships which it was his duty to destroy. There was even a film made about him in 1960 starring Van Heflin and Charles Laughton called Under Ten Flags.


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