Britain’s Forgotten Black Army In WW1

As part of Black History Month, we look at the often forgotten story of the Black African-Caribbean men who joined the British Army during the Great War or who served in the ranks of the British West Indies Regiment on the Western Front. 

Below are some books relating to the subject of Black soldiers in WW1. Click on an image to be taken to it’s Amazon page. Buying these books this way helps support The Old Front Line. Thank you!

The story of William Robinson Clarke, the Black pilot who served in the Royal Flying Corps, is told in my book Great War Lives, published by Pen & Sword:

Podcast Extras: Black Soldiers in WW1

Podcast Extras: The Manley Brothers

These photographs are kindly reproduced here courtesy of writer and author, Rachel Manley. Rachel featured in our 2016 documentary Last Heroes of the Somme for Channel 4. It was a great privilege for me to spend time on the battlefields with a member of the Manley family.

8 Comments on “Britain’s Forgotten Black Army In WW1

  1. Another incredibly interesting and moving podcast on an aspect of the Great War we were never taught at school in the 70’s and 80’s in the UK. Thanks for sharing your knowledge once again. 👍

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  2. Fascinating and thought provoking podcast. Listened to it twice. As an aside it was interesting to hear about the vulnerability of the artillery at Paschendale. I recall a reference to this in the 1960s Great War series episode covering the battle.

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