Ypres: Croonaert Wood

On the slopes of the Messines Ridge, Croonaert Wood (or Bayernwald as the Germans called it) was one of the places connected to Adolf Hitler’s story in the Great War. We uncover his connection to the fighting here in 1914, look at the role of the French Army in this sector and uncover the history of the WW1 Trench Museum that was once here in the 1970s and 80s, and the reconstructed trenches that still remain within the wood today.

Books on Messines

Below is some suggested reading on this part of the battlefield. Click on the image to order the book from Amazon; your purchase will help support The Old Front Line podcast. Thank you!

Croonaert Wood Trench Museum

German Wartime Illustrations

Bayernwald Trenches

5 Comments on “Ypres: Croonaert Wood

  1. I am still listening, every week. Always fascinating, always poignant thoughts occur when thinking about these soldiers of old, whether ours or theirs….well done again Paul

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