Ypres: A Walk to the Front Line

In this episode, we follow a route to the front line used by soldiers during the Great War. Starting in Ypres, we walk via Shrapnel Corner, Zillebeke Lake, Zillebeke village, and up to the area beyond Maple Copse where the front lines were located. Along the way, we visit cemeteries, discuss Canadian poet Robert Service, and see the graves of British aristocrats. 

Podcast Extras

Zillebeke Churchyard

Zillebeke: The Aristocrats

19 Comments on “Ypres: A Walk to the Front Line

  1. As someone who had a grandfather who fought in The Great War for Canada, I do so appreciate your details about the Canadian contributions. Your information far surpasses anything one can learn from inside a classroom or with the pages of a book. Your podcasts are more than fascinating, they provide a personal look into the true lives of the men and women who sacrificed all during an exceptionally dark time. ❤️🇨🇦

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  2. Been visiting the battlefields for decades, but you have added some lovely detail to the sites, which does bring them to life. Thanks for this…

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  3. Paul thank you so much for this podcast I wanted to take my dad to the Western front this year his grandfather was injured at the Somme but survived, but unfortunately events has made this impossible but maybe next year . Meanwhile if I close my eyes and listen I’m there with you . My particular interest is the lost generation of the young aristocrats and I’m heartened to hear them represented throughout various episodes. Your comment on the National Trust formation was something I was unaware of. Thank you again

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  4. Just caught up with this podcast, brilliant as always and an area I know very well. I’ve never managed to visit Zillibeke church yard this part was really interesting as I served on HMS Ardent in the Falklands and our First Lt was Lt Commander Andrew Gordon-Lennox I must ask him if they were related.

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  5. Another excellent podcast. I’ve just ordered the Huntly Gordon book! This area is plays a big part my family research so thanks for filling in some gaps. Do you know what WW2 fighting took place in Zillebeke in 1940? The headstone of a chap in Perth (China Wall) who was killed with my great uncle in Oct ’17 has clear bullet markings. I’m very curious if there’s a particular incident that could have led to this happening. Which battalions were involved etc. Many thanks.


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