Return To The Old Front Line

This weeks episode was recorded a few weeks ago whilst on the battlefields of Flanders, and in it, we visit a small cemetery in the fields near Boesinghe, remember a son’s visit to his father’s grave, and walk among the vast legion of unknown soldiers at Poelcapelle. 

Bluet Farm Cemetery

Potizje Chateau Lawn Cemetery

Poelcapelle British Cemetery

10 Comments on “Return To The Old Front Line

  1. Great….nice to see the MGC headstone…..3 years since I was in the Salient and ought to go back! Keep up the good work!

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  2. Just had my Monday lunchtime ‘fix’ whilst at work. A more spontaneous set of stories this time.
    Now, if you ever need anyone to help carry your bags or some equipment…?


  3. Paul….a really emotionally charged podcast this week, I felt. Your delivery of these recollections totally focuses my mind upon these soldiers of old. I cannot wait for this current plague to lift so that I can pack up one or two of your books and head off to the Old Front Lines. Superb programme.
    Best wishes, as ever…

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  4. Another excellent and very moving podcast. It took me back to the Walking the Ypres Salient tour in 2003, where you took us to Boesinge and the recently opened Yorkshire Trench system. I remember some of the group asking you about your appearance on Meet the Ancestors the previous year which featured the Yorkshire trench. As a step-son of a former gunner I appreciate your references to the graves of the artillerymen. Superlatives are wasted describing these podcasts, just keep up the great work!

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