Somme Anniversary

On the Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, this Somme Extra looks at some of the background to 1st July 1916, we take a walk from outside Albert to La Boisselle and Mash Valley, visiting Ovillers Military Cemetery. The podcast includes a recording of Liverpool Pal Ted Williams, made in the 1980s, and our object this week is a group photograph connected to the story of 1st July 1916.

A link to the 1990s Documentary A Game of Ghosts on YouTube.

Podcast Extras: WW1 Photos

Podcast Extras: 9th KOYLI Photo

Podcast Extras: Battlefield Photos

17 Comments on “Somme Anniversary

  1. Thankyou for this one, all of them but this one especially.
    My brother, my cousin and I visited this very area in 2014.
    I was able to close my eyes and picture it perfectly.
    Have recommended it via what’s app to both brother and cousin.
    Excellent listen

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  2. Thanks Paul. That was very interesting. I love the paintings by Ted Williams. I haven’t seen them before.

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  3. A poignant podcast and one to replay just to listen to the soldier talking about his experiences. Oh so valuable to have a record of the scenes he witnessed in 1916. Thank you again. Paul

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  4. As per usual, another great podcast. The account of the “when the barrage lifts toast” was particularly poignant, especially when looking at the faces on the group photo.Where is this mythical antique shop in Eastbourne?!!

    Gary Ashley told this story on my second Walking the Somme trip in October 2016.Thanks for the heads up on Game of Ghosts. I’ve never heard of it before,which is surprising, because from the 1960s I have always watched anything WW1 related. Looking forward to your Newfoundland Park Walk.

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      • When I watched Game of Ghosts last night I realised that I had seen it before. I remember the Lancashire Lad who was a driver in the ASC talking about Contalmaison. At the time (I’d forgotten it was shown in 1991) I was unfamiliar with the name of Contalmaison, so it stuck in my mind. Anyway thanks for reminding me, it was a very moving documentary with some extremely gripping testimony.

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  5. Great…always think no Somme tour is complete without going to Sausage and Mash valleys and thinking about Sandys…..a very moving podcast……Must get back there again some time……

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  6. Brilliant podcast. My great grand father is buried at Delville Wood and we also have a plaque for him at Lochnager. We visit often and listening to you i can clearly picture exactly where you are. Listening to the soldier was so emotive. I shall be tuning into your previous episodes. Thank you

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